Denver Platinum Limousines: For Concert and Event transportation

August 04, 2014
Eddie .

Denver Platinum Limousines: For The Discerning Concert-Goer

Who doesn’t love a good concert? The people, the music, the sense of connection… Yeah. Absolutely everyone loves a good concert. While there are occasional acts that sound like the aural equivalent of a leaking refuse transport vehicle, the vast majority sound more like kittens floating around on multichroma clouds. You know, small fluffy animals, rainbows, all that great stuff.


black-hummer-limousine312                     black-hummer-limousine31

The worst part, for every concert-goer? Without fail, the trip home. You’re sweaty and exhausted (depending rather heavily on who you went to see), and likely emotionally drained from all that hysteria. If you’re of legal age, you might be slightly inebriated. Hey, even if you’re not of legal age, you might be somewhat incapacitated. Maybe you got knocked out in the mosh pit at a Nine Inch Nails concert, or accidentally shoved into the edge of the stage gut-first by some overeager groupies at a One Direction show.


We don’t know; we’re not here to judge.


The point? You can’t drive right now, or you are either strongly averse to or outright dreading the forty minutes back to Denver. Red Rocks is a great location, what with the seclusion and all—unfortunately, it’s also a terrible location, what with the seclusion and all. And hey—you try finding your little secondhand silver coupe in a massive parking lot filled with little secondhand silver coupes at an ungodly hour; did we mention it would be in the dark? Hope that’s working for you.

Here’s where we come in.

We’re the Denver Platinum Limousines, and we can make you look really, really cool in front of those attractive persons you were making eyes at during one of the slower numbers. We’re also a fantastic way to get home safely, especially considering the unwise quantity of mixed alcoholic beverage spiked with god-knows-what that you’ve been pouring back since six thirty. Let’s not even get into the mess that all fallible human beings become post-concert. It doesn’t even matter what kind of concert. It’s all close quarters and hotter than the forges of Hades, and you will sweat like a pig at a barbecue. We’ve all been there. It’s all right.

Here’s where we come in. Your job? Shoot us a text about 40 minutes before whatever awesome show you’re seeing finishes off, and we’ll be outside waiting in an incredibly cool, suave-looking car. We’ll be in the closest parking space to the exit, waiting for your sweaty self to come waltzing out the doors, ready to vouch for your personal well-being, risking life and limb to protect our chosen one. Our job? To get you safely home, and make sure you don’t get into any sorts of unsavory trouble on the way.

So, next time you head over to Red Rock, give us a call—we can test it out, see if we can make this work. Maybe we can even make it official, get some balloons or chocolates or something.